Every so often I get stuck in a real rut with my blog and I feel like I've been in my current rut for quite some time now. I've gotten to a point where I find that nearly everything I write feels boring and repetitive and it's becoming really hard to deal with, it's really starting to affect how much I enjoy writing. My blog is starting to feel like more of a chore than something that I'm doing because I enjoy it. As much as I love tea, and I think it will always be the main passion behind my writing, I have decided that I'm going to start writing a few more non tea related posts, reviewing teas and writing about teas is still something that I very much love, but I feel like my reviews are becoming so routine and repetitive that I just need a little break between them to help my mind get back into its creative mode! And what better way to get into these new posts than to properly introduce the person behind the cup of tea?! Here are 20 (probably uninteresting) facts about me, Amy Lee.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA1) I am 22 years old, my birthday is 22nd November which falls right on the cusp of me being a Scorpio and a Sagittarius, I am what people call a "cusper"2) Linking to number 1, I have a tattoo on each of my wrists of the constellations for Scorpio and Sagittarius,  the Scorpio sign is on my right hand as that is my dominant hand and I have always felt like I associate with being a Scorpio than a Sagittarius3) Again, linking to number 2, I have a tattoo of a peacock on my shoulder who is called Pavo, he was named after a laminator which I had in my office at the time that's brand was called Pavo and its logo was a peacock4) I have an intense phobia of vomit (emetophobia), it's improved massively over the last couple of years but its likely that I'll always struggle with it one way or another5) Music will always have an enormous place in my heart, it has been a huge part of my life since I was a kid and has helped shape me into the person I am now6) I currently work in an office/call center in a hairdressers, I book in appointments and deal with all kinds of customer service fun7) I have an unhealthy addiction to cheese, I would happily put cheese on top of every meal or every snack I ever eat for the rest of my life8) I hate having the same hair colour for too long, I tend to change it every 6 months or so but I always end up going back to red/copper eventually9) I have a 10(ish) year old tabby cat called Nipper, but in our household, we also have two fish and 6 tortoises - Olly, Herby, Perky, Sid, Twinkle & Teddy10) Second to my tea collection, I have a huge makeup collection even though I only wear it once in a blue moon, mostly lipsticksOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA11) I can almost guarantee that I have some kind of glitter on me at all times12) I go through phases where I really want to travel, but I equally go through phases when I find the idea of travel terrifying and would rather just stay at home13) I don't watch much tv, I just watch a ton of junk on YouTube and I will occasionally binge watch something on Netflix14) I'm pretty much tired and hungry constantly15) I'm very obsessive about things being clean and tidy, I can't sleep if I know my room has things on the floor or if I know things aren't put back where they're meant to be16) My biggest dream in life is to have a cup of tea with Dave Grohl and listen to him tell me stories about his life17) I love going to gigs and festivals, though I have been to many many cringy gigs, Rick Astley, Pitbull & PSY (the bloke who did Gangnam Style) are probably my cringe highlights18) I am an obsessive planner, I find it very hard to leave things to chance or to take things as they come, I need to know exactly whats going on and what to expect or else I feel insanely on edge19) I am a very visual person, I have always loved making things and I find it so much more beneficial to put all of my creative ideas into a physical mood board or poster than to write things down or listen to things20) Did I mention that I like tea and cats? Thats pretty much all you really need to knowOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI really truly hope that the introduction of different posts to this blog helps me to get back into blogging and to find myself in blogging again, I feel like I got lost somewhere in the tea samples.Thanks for reading X