I always find myself getting super cliche and reflective at this time of year, I'm not a big fan on Christmas (I'm a Grinch) so I look forward to new years for multiple reasons, but the main reason being that it gives me a chance to step back and see the bigger picture of whats happened in the last year. 2018 has been an insane year for me, I've had some of the most magical experiences - some that I still can't get my head around the fact that they were actually real life, I've gained new friends who I now can't imagine my life without and I've strengthened relationships with my closest friends, my boyfriend and myself. While I would probably consider this year one of the best of my life, its also probably been one of the biggest shit shows at the same time, its been one of the hardest and mentally challenging years that I've lived through. The lows have been incredibly low and at times I seriously doubted myself and my ability to get through them but I'm so proud of how I have dealt with that and I think that at this point things can only get better (I fucking hope so at least). I thought it would be a good idea for me to compile a lil list of things I've learnt this year as well as a list of goals that I have for the year ahead so that I can look back in another years time and see how close I've come to achieving my goals and how many of the life lessons I've actually taken on board.

2018 life lessons

Embrace my own interests - do things because I want to and not because I feel like I have to

This is something which I have always struggled with but this year I feel like I've really got to grips with, I've tried really hard to just go ahead and do things that I want to do, and to not feel ashamed if that means doing things alone or feeling guilty for doing things alone, but instead to embrace that. Equally I feel like I've been getting better at saying no to things, I have serious fomo and up until fairly recently I would feel obliged to do things that I don't enjoy because I don't want to feel left out, but I feel like I am on the right path to improve this.

There are consequences for recklessly spending money

I spent like 85% of this year DEEP into an overdraft, it was only when I had to cancel a holiday because I didn't have an actual penny to my name that I realised it was real problem that needed to be addressed and sorted instead of being ignored, it might seem amazing to have a seemingly endless pot of money but that pot is not as endless as it looks and one day it will bite you in the arse.

Don't pressure myself to blog, also the Instagram algorithm SUCKS

I really wanted this year to be the year that I start taking my blog seriously, I wanted to have a schedule, start series' and generally get really professional on here, but 0 of those things actually happened. I very quickly went totally against my plans for the blog and I am so happy I did so, now I have totally taken the pressure off blogging I feel like I not only want to blog again, but I enjoy it. I am so happy that I started to branch out onto other topics outside of tea, I feel like that was one of the best decisions that I've made since I started this. Also Instagram sucks but I'm fully addicted to it and I don't think that's ever gonna change.

2019 goals

Enjoy food but listen to your body

Food is one of the best things in life to me, it brings me so much happiness but sometimes I need to remember that I must have a balance between giving my body what it wants and what it needs. Its so important to stop when my body is telling me its time to stop and to listen to what my body wants, if I'm sad and I need a shit ton of carbs then eat carbs, if my body is feeling sluggish and drained then eat some fruit and veggies, if I can't stop thinking about cheesy chips then eat some cheesy chips. Don't listen to diets or people online because no one knows my body like I do.

TRY to keep informed about politics

Try being the key word here.

Stop apologising for your mental health

This is something that I noticed myself doing a lot in 2018, "sorry I've been distant" "sorry I'm being annoying" "sorry I'm always talking about how I feel". I need to remember that its possible to acknowledge that my mental health makes me act and feel a certain way without putting myself down for it - I don't act this way through choice.

Listen to new and different music

Ask people for recommendations, turn up to gigs early to see the supports, make an effort to watch people I've never heard of at festivals. I listen to music most of my waking day but I always end up listening to the same bands and artists that I've been listening to since I was 12, I know there is so much amazing music in the world I just need to make the effort to find it.

Let yourself be creative because you enjoy it

Don't focus on everything having to amount to something, create things simply because you enjoy it and if anything ever becomes of it, that's just an added bonus.

I hope that your 2019 is absolutely magical and I would love to hear what your goals for the new year are! Sending everyone lots of love and sparkles