The world of Instagram is a funny thing, I spend hours every day mindlessly scrolling through my feed and I either end up feeling super inspired or super inadequate. I've been spending a lot of time on Instagram since re-branding my blog, I've found that its one of the best ways to get my content seen by a larger quantity of people, however I have also found that it also makes me feel the lowest about my content, I am constantly comparing myself to other people. Instagram has turned into a very manufactured platform, up in till recently I followed a lot of bloggers and instagrammers (is that a word?) with huge followings and a lot of them seem to produce content that would be hard to tell apart from each other, they speak in a similar way, they live a life which seems to be the same flawless life where they wake up looking like a Disney princess and spend their days going for brunch and trying out fancy products that they didn't pay a penny for.

It is so easy to see this and see their 10's of thousands of followers and "life goals" comments, and think that you're doing something wrong if you're not  doing it that way. I've been working so hard on my Insta recently, trying to build on my followers and also my brand while maintaining my true self. I want my posts to show the person that I actually am and not what Instagram wants me to be, I want my posts to be a bit of a mess, I want my captions to not always make perfect sense, I want to post 3 photos in a row and pop up on your feed way more than you asked for, because that's exactly who I am. I am annoying, I'm not stereotypically beautiful, I don't have the nicest clothes in the world, and that's exactly what I want my Instagram to portray.

Its so easy to be discouraged to be your true self in a world which is so focused on being more, people are constantly striving to be more pretty, more skinny, more wealthy, and I honestly think a large part of that is because we are constantly surrounded by photos of people who are all of those things that you wish you could be. I'm trying my very hardest to remind myself that to me, its more important to put out content that I'm happy with as apposed to what I think other people are happy with, I've made a conscious effort to follow more people on Instagram who are apologetically themselves, people who's content I enjoy and who empower and inspire me. 

Lets be real...

The bottom of this dress and the Vans I was wearing we're covered in mud because I decided that I wanted to stand near a boggy puddle to take some photos, I stood on it and instantly started sinking into mud which smelt like shit. Also, I had to change into this dress behind some trees. 

 This chic looking white fluffy background is a bed that I bought for my cat that hangs on the radiator, she doesn't care about it, I spent £20 on a cat bed for my cat as a Christmas present. Also my cat hates me.   

I planned this super cute outfit to photograph but turns out the dungarees don't actually fit me at all, I positioned the camera so that it cut out the bulging thigh flubber which was hanging out of the side of them. 

This photo was taken against my best mates house while she was at work (she knew I was there don't worry) also I don't think I brushed my hair at all this day.

I hope that this post has helped even just one person if they're feeling the same as I am, I know its helped me being able to write this down and get my feelings out.

Thanks for reading X