OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI'm a super generic "basic bitch" in that I love the Autumn, I love the colours and the flavours and food which is associated with Autumn, and my birthday is in Autumn which is probably the main reason. I have said it before and I will say it 100 times again, I love Tea Tourist because it gives me the chance to try teas that I would otherwise totally look over. As soon as it hits September I tend to automatically drift over to the chai-type teas, or really anything for cinnamony for that matter, so I was really looking forward to Tea Tourist making me be a little more adventurous this Autumn. I don't think any of the teas that came in Septembers box are teas that I would typically drink in the fall, there are a number of herbal and fruit infusions with a black tea and a mate thrown into the mix. Here is my take on Tea Tourist's Fine & Dandy box!OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAPerfect World - The Lichfield Tea CompanyFirst things first, this tea has an ingredient in called "Melissa", can someone please tell me what that is?! I've never ever heard of it before and its baffling me. I can't taste a lot of the ingredients in this blend but I have a feeling that if I were to brew it for longer it would bring out more of the fruity notes, all I could taste when I tried this was lavender and mint, which do taste delightful together! I'm excited to try this tea out some more so I can see what else it has to offerOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAHide & Seek Breakfast - The Tea Leaf CompanyI went into this one expecting it to just be a standard breakfast tea, but boy was I shocked when I opened the bag! It's an incredibly bold smelling tea when dry, to me it's much smokier than any breakfast tea I've tried - I would say the flavour is closer to a lapsang. If you're unsure of how intense the flavour of lapsang is I would highly recommend picking up some of this, it's like an entry level lapsang. I really liked this, its something which I could see myself drinking quite frequently and I will 100% be getting some more once I've drunk this bag!Yerba Mate - Lovely Tea TeasI find it tricky to tolerate the taste of mate sometimes, I have to be really really tired to be able to drink it and mildly enjoy it and that's purely because it helps to wake me up. I had a cup of this as my first tea of the day at the start of my last shift of this week and it definitely helped to wake me up! I put a couple of slices of fresh lemon into my cup, which helped to cut through the grassy taste and made it quite enjoyable to drink. Though I can't see myself drinking this very often, I am glad to have got it in this box as I don't actually have any straight mate in my collection and I think it's a good tea to just have in your cupboard for those days when a matcha just won't cut it.Liquorice Peppermint Soother - Nothing But TeaPeppermint & liquorice was the first tea that wasn't a straight black tea that I really got into, I remember seeing Estee talking about the Teapigs blend on her Youtube channel, I LOVE liquorice so I made a mental note to pick up a box - it ended up becoming a bit of an obsession. Despite this, I haven't drunk it for quite a long time, I think I drank so much of it that I got sick of it. I felt a little wave of nostalgia when I saw this tea poking out of this months box, I instantly brewed up a cup of it and my love of peppermint & liquorice came running back. This blend was just as delicious as I expected, the blend of peppermint and liquorice is exactly what I remembered, fresh with a sweet aftertaste and the added fennel and basil give the blend a beautiful earthy tone.Balance Tea - Tea ShirtDamn, this tea looks chamomile heavy, I'm not a fan of chamomile so seeing a ton of chamomile freaked me out a little (a lot). Much to my surprise, it tastes like liquid toffee! I seriously wasn't expecting to like this tea let alone love it! I can't really taste any ingredients specifically, they just all merge together to make a sweet, slightly vanilla flavour. This blend would be great if are trying to cut back on sugar but you still can't kick your sweet cravings.Raspberry Leaf Tea - OteasThis tea was my favourite this month, it looks so herbal that I didn't expect it to taste so incredibly fruity! I love raspberry so much and the raspberry flavour is so prevalent in this blend that it would be impossible for me not to love it, the hibiscus and rosehip aren't overpowering at all which is something I tend to find with teas that include either of these two ingredients. I have only tried this hot as its bloody freezing outside and I just can't cope with anything iced, but I think this would taste perfect as an iced tea with a bit of soda water and a slice of fresh lemon. Big thanks as always to Tea Tourist for sending me their wonderful subscription box, if you would like to try it out for yourself then you can use the code AMYLEE30 to get 30% off your first box! Thanks for reading X