Octobers Tea Tourist box was probably one of my favourites of 2017, that may be because it included some of my most loved tea brands and some classic blends or because it included some food (an Italian biscotti to be exact, which I pretty much ate as soon as this fell through my letterbox), it had huge almonds and choc chips in it, I mean come on, it was kind of obvious that I was going to eat it before I could photograph it. To say that its cold outside is a bit of an understatement, it's bloody freezing, and when its this cold there is nothing better than a warm & comforting black tea blend to get you out of bed. I also really liked that the verity of black tea blends really showcases how versatile black tea can be, I find that many people still see black tea as a bog standard builders brew and this box would be a sure fire way to prove them that it's so much more than that - if you do think like that (or if you just want some amazing tea every month) then go over to Tea Tourist and they'll sort you out, if you use code AMYLEE30 then you can get 30% off your first box! Here are my thoughts on Octobers box! SPICED ORANGE PEKOE- SPICE KITCHENIf you could encapsulate festive spirit into a tea it would be this tea, a wonderfully bold and slightly smoky black tea with a huge hit of tangy orange and warming cinnamon. This tea is a perfect spin on a tradition chai, they haven't added any crazy ingredients that don't belong, but instead, they've added a flavour which is prominent enough to be noticed but that works perfectly in line with the chai spices.-FIKA TEA -THE TEA EXPERIENCE You can't really go wrong with a black tea and vanilla, can you? The vanilla makes this tea ideal for anyone who isn't a huge fan of super strong black tea, it adds a sweets creamy element to the blend which contradicts any harsh flavours. This blend just proves that sometimes the most simple flavour combinations are the best.EARL GREY - MAZAWATTEE TEA I haven't had an earl grey in ages so I was super pleased to see this in here, it was a reminder of how much earl grey deserves its right as such a classic blend. The perfect blend of full-bodied black tea and fresh citrus, this tea would be wonderful to have first thing in the morning to kick-start your day. MINT CHOC ROYALE - JOLLY BREW  Jolly Brew hold such a dear place in my heart, I felt like a proud friend when I saw their logo poking out of this box. Though mint choc teas aren't my favourite, Jolly's take on the After Eight tea is totally bang on. I have been drinking this with a little touch of almond milk and a teaspoon of sugar, this really brings out how indulgent, sweet and satisfying this mint black tea is.TIME FOR WINTER - CALEYS APOTHECARY  This is the kind of blend that makes you feel like a super healthy person when you drink it, the liquorice and ginger make this great for soothing any tummy complaints (let's be honest, this close to Christmas we need all the help we can get). The taste itself is very herbal with a sweetness from the liquorice and a little spice from the ginger, almost medicinal overall but I really like it - I am keeping this on hand for when my yearly mince pie addiction starts again.TUMERIC REVIVAL TEA - MD TEA I found this tea mildly similar to Time For Winter but with slightly more spice and a slightly floral aftertaste. I didn't dislike this blend but I think that turmeric in tea is still something which I am getting used to and will take a little time for me to fully be into it. Though the taste wasn't 100% for me, this is totally worth drinking for the benefits of turmeric alone.