November is an exciting month for both me and Tea Tourist, this November marks Tea Tourists first birthday, my 23rd birthday and my blogs 2nd birthday! What a first year for Tea Tourist?! I have absolutely loved being involved in the first year of such a wonderful brand and wonderful bunch of people, I cannot wait to see what the future hold for them (and I obviously cannot wait for the next box of Tea Tourist) goodies to arrive through my letterbox). Novembers box featured a mixture of straight teas and blends, as well as various different tea types, similar to last month, it also came with a lovely rooibos infused shortbread biscuit from Rachaels Secret Tea Room which I also ate before I could photograph it - but take my word for it, it was DELICIOUS, I could have eaten many more! Remember, if you are interested in trying out Tea Tourists amazing monthly tea subscription, you can get 30% off your first box with code AMYLEE30. Cheshire Breakfast - Cheshire Tea CompanyI liked this tea but I wasn't blown away by it, it was just like a standard black breakfast tea to me, which is great but nothing to write home about. I don't really see what the safflower adds to the flavour but they don't hinder the flavour either so I can't complain about it. Overall, a nice tea but just that, a nice tea.Jade Tip - Good & Proper Tea I found this green tea to be the perfect break from all the indulgent blends that I've been drinking over the Winter and Autumn months, a fresh and slightly vegetal taste with an underlying nutty hint. I love all the teas that I've tried from Good & Proper Tea - I was lucky enough to attend a tasting session at their Leather Lane Tea Bar back in the summer, annoyingly I lost all of the photos that I took, so I never got to turn my trip into a blog post, so I'm planning a trip back next Summer to make up for my non-existent blog post.Autumn Fire Tea - LEAFThis tea is so beautiful in pretty much every way, the orange peel and rose blossom make this so vibrant and exciting both in appearance and taste, the almonds lend a slightly sweet and creamy aspect to the taste while the cinnamon and cloves give that spicy punch that you would expect from this blends name. This is probably one of my favourite teas to come out of Tea Tourist this year, its right up my street yet I can't say that I've ever tried a similar tea. I would 100% recommend picking up a sample bag and trying this out.Ali Mountain Oolong - Golden Tea Leaf CoI'm really starting to appreciate oolongs and this tea is a prime example as to why. They have so many layers of natural flavours, from milky to floral, sweet to earthy, I love the progression of the flavour as you resteep this oolong as well, it's like going on a little taste journey from the moment you steep your first cup.Himalayan Darjeeling - Pure Leaf You gotta love a good quality Darjeeling and I feel like this one really highlights what makes a good Darjeeling. The flavour is super smooth with subtle floral and earthy hints. All round, this is a straight up beautiful tea. Black Cardamom Chai - Ichai I loved the Green Cardamom Chai from Ichai that was in a Tea Tourist box a few months back, so I pretty much knew before I tried it that I would love this. Similar to the green chai, this is everything that you would expect from a traditional chai but the cardamom levels are x100. Thank you for reading! X