So, two weeks is up and I have finished my very first teatox! As I said in my week one recap, I did go into this very dubiously, I've heard some awful things about "detox " teas, from horrific stomach cramps to endless streams of poop (literally), Thankfully I didn't get any of these with the Fruitteatox 14 day detox! Over the 2 weeks that I was drinking this teatox I had a big change in opinion of detox teas and mostly, what to expect from them. The main misconception that people have with detox teas is that their primary purpose is for weight loss, and though most of the detox teas that you try will have some ingredients in them that CAN help with weight loss, it is very highly doubtful that you will lose much if any weight just from drinking a tea.I lost didn't lose any weight in the two weeks I was drinking these teas, I did, however, feel a lot less bloated and less sluggish, I felt more inclined to be conscious of what I'm eating instead of just slobbing out which is what I would usually do. I have also found that lots of teatox's with these insane weight loss claims tend to have very harsh laxatives, so you may lose a few lbs, but essentially you're just giving yourself diarrhoea. Fruitteatox's sleeptox tea includes 0.4g of natural laxative senna, because of its tiny quantity and the fact that you only drink this one every 2 days, it just gives a very gentle cleansing effect - maybe a bit TMI but my "movements" were totally normal. The two biggest factors that I felt were improved by the Fruitteatox was my skin and my water intake. I drink quite a lot of water as it is but the extra addition of 2 more cups of tea a day really helped bump up how much water I drink. My skin is normally very very dehydrated but at the moment it feels pretty normal, within the first week of the teatox my skin went nuts, I had about 5 massive spots on my cheeks which I think was my skin pushing out the toxins, as soon as those spots went down my skin is in tip-top condition! I'm coming out of this experience with totally different thoughts on "detox" teas, take care that you're choosing one with good ingredients in (Fruitteatox have a section on their website where they go into detail about all the ingredients which they use here ). Don't expect the world, this tea is not going to turn you into some supermodel goddess, but it will help you feel more human. Any tea detox which claims to be a miracle weight loss tool is straight up lying.I really enjoyed trying out the Fruiteatox, especially after my Christmas food binge, I feel like it made me feel a lot less weighed down and groggy, If you're going through a little phase where you're feeling really unhealthy, I would recommend giving this tea a go for 2 weeks and seeing if it helps you, it definitely helped me. - Fruitteatox is kindly offering my followers 20% off their order with them if you use code Amy20.Thanks for reading & thanks to Fruitteatox for being great! X