I've been wanting to try some teas from LEAF for the longest time, so I was beyond thrilled when they agreed to send me over a few samples of their blends to review. LEAF has a huge variety of classic and innovative tea blends and some straight teas as well, which you can get online at their website or they have insanely cosy and cool looking tea shops in Manchester and Liverpool where they serve their teas and delicious looking food (I'm planning a trip to Manchester in the summer, so I will be able to test out the food then!). I found it so hard to decide which teas to try from LEAF as there are so many options, but I eventually settled on a fruity rooibos, a twist on the classic chai & decedent black dessert tea.Berry Rooibos Don't be fulled by how simplistic this blend is, It has so much more depth in flavour than I imagined. Sweet and bitter flavours come from the dried raspberries, strawberries & blueberries which is mellowed out by the naturally sweet and rich rooibos. This is equally as delicious cold brewed or iced as well as hot, cold brewing brings out the berries yet I think when drank hot, the rooibos is far more prominent.Vintage ChaiIt's not exactly a secret that I love a chai, but I'm always on the lookout for new and interesting chai blends, so I just had to try LEAFS pu'erh chai blend. The spices are exactly what you would expect from a chai, including cinnamon, ginger root & peppercorn, but the real star of the show is the earthy and intense flavour of the pu'erh base. Not only does it amp up the flavour of this blend, pu'erh is said to have numerious health benefits like speeding up your metabolism and aiding digestion, it is also said to aid weight loss.Butter TruffleThis tea is amazing, it's like nothing that I have ever tried before in my life, I honestly don't think that I have ever tried such a smooth and indulgent tea. It contains real mini amoretti biscuits, almonds and cardamom, the taste really reminds me of buttermint sweets but if you replace the mint with a hint of fragrant cardamom. The black tea base lends itself perfectly to the decadent flavour of this tea, it helps to give all of the flavours an overall base to lay on, giving them all a little boost.Big thank you for LEAF Tea for letting me try these amazing teas, be sure to check them out here or pop into one of their tea shops if you're ever in Manchester or Liverpool! Thanks for reading! XP.s this is Clancy my Calathea, say hello to Clancy