A month or so I was contacted by Fruitteatox asking me if I would be interested in trying out their teatox, now I've never ever tried a teatox before so I totally jumped at the chance to try it out, especially after how unhealthy I felt after Christmas. Fruitteatox is a 100% natural detox tea, it consists of a morning tea which contains energising ginseng and yerba mate, soothing liquorice and ginger, and other amazingly beneficial ingredients such as oolong, lemongrass and fennel seeds that you drink every morning. And an evening tea which contains relaxing lavender, chamomile & valerian, tasty orange and cleansing senna, this tea is to be drank every OTHER night.As I said, I've never tried a teatox before, and I have read some real horror stories of detox teas giving people really bad stomach cramps, tasting terrible and being crammed full of harsh chemicals - needless to say, I went into this mildly apprehensive. Before I started trying the teatox I had a read of their website to get familiar with what to expect and whats actually in the tea they're sending to me. The Fruitteatox website is really wonderful for anyone who is feeling a bit nervous about trying a tea detox, they clearly lay out all of the ingredients, where they come from, and why that is in the tea. One thing that I also noticed about Fruiteatox is that it doesn't claim to be a "skinny tea", it claims to aid weight loss while drinking alongside a healthy and balanced diet, I really like that it doesn't claim to work miracles (the website also includes a really handy eating plan).As I'm writing this I have just come to the end of my first week doing Fruitteatox, I have another week left, and honestly - I'm enjoying it! The morning tea really helps to give me an energy boost in the morning and I find that I've felt less inclined to snack before lunch, and the evening tea helps me to wind down in the evening. I have noticed that my skin has broken out BIG TIME on my cheeks, which I've read is your skin getting rid of all the nasty toxins from it. I'm really excited to go on to my final week of the Fruitteatox, I'm excited to see if I notice any more changes over the next week!Big thanks to Fruitteatox for sending me they're wonderful teatox to try, if you are up for trying this out for yourself, they have 40% off EVERYTHING on their website until Jan 9th, so I suggest you jump on that while you can! Thanks for reading! X