Back in the summertime my Mum and her boyfriend went to Chester for the weekend and Jon text me very excitedly saying that he had found a tea company at a food market and bought himself some Earl Grey. He came home with a Carslake Tea Co business card and ordered me to take a look at their website, and low and behold, they have some pretty amazing looking blends - lots of teas that are right up my alley! Luckily for me, the lovely folks from Carslake Tea offered to send me over some of their blends to try out myself! I am so impressed with all of the teas that Carslake Tea Co has sent me, this brand really deserves to be recognised for the amazing blends they're making!Strawberry and Cream Pu-erh I love strawberry but I really cannot hack that horrible artificial strawberry flavour that you get in some strawberry drinks, so I went into trying this one a little sceptical. Despite going in with slightly low expectations, I ended up loving this one! When you open the bag you are hit with a smell which is so similar to the cream inside a strawberry Quality Street. The strawberry taste was much more natural than I expected, and combine with the pu'erh base, gave the strawberry an almost rich quality.Chocolate Mint Rooibos I have a somewhat of a "meh" opinion when it comes to mint chocolate teas, I have just tried soooo many of them and I think the vast majority taste the same and are generally unimpressive. I picked up on a subtle difference when smelling the dry tea, spearmint! It might not sound like much of a change from the usual peppermint, but I think it made a HUGE difference! It gives the blend more of a creaminess, it tastes as if someone has covered a mint cream sweet in chocolate and transformed it straight into my mug.Pina Colada Fruit Infusion I actually had to buy a new bag of this before I wrote this review as I finished the sample bag they sent me within a couple days of being sent it. This is a dream to drink iced, I love the combination of pineapple and coconut but being that I don't drink and creamy drinks make me feel a bit sick (so even non-alcoholic pina colada's are out of the question), it makes a pina colada infusion the perfect compromise. I found this very similar in taste to Coco Colada from Davids Tea, which is amazing as I LOVE that tea but its so tricky to get hold of in the UK. I will definitely be stocking up on this for next summer!Chilli Chocolate Black TeaTeas with chilli in absolutely baffle my tastebuds, it always takes me by surprise and I need about 4 sips before I grow accustomed to the fact that my tea is actually spicy. This tea is certainly bold and full of flavour, I personally like this with a little bit of almond milk as it takes the edge off the chilli and brings out the chocolate flavour, leaving this chilli as just a fleeting aftertaste.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOrganic Mojito Green Tea I have only tried this tea as an iced tea, I feel like it might work as a hot tea but I think it is just perfect as an iced tea, no point messing with perfection! My only quibble with this blend is that I wish it was some lime in it instead of just lemon, though the lemon and mint make a great mojito-like taste, I feel that it lacks that real kick that you get from the lime. Despite this, the blend is lovely, its very light and delicate which is why I think it works great as an iced tea, its a blend that you wouldn't want to oversteep, the green tea base adds such a freshness to the overall flavour and if you overbrewed that even a little bit I think it would spoil the entire thing.Chocolate Orange Rooibos Without a doubt, this is my favourite of the teas that Carslake sent me. It is literally a Terrys Chocolate Orange in a tear form! The chocolate and rooibos fuse together to make the perfect sweet chocolate flavour which isn't too sweet but not too rich or overpowering. The orange tastes as if they have freshly squeezed some orange juice into your mug, it's so fresh and tangy. I honestly cannot sing this teas praises enough, it's delicious and I seriously recommend picking some up, especially for these cold winter evenings!Big thanks to Carslake Tea Co for sending me these teas to review & thank you for reading! X