I was beyond impressed by the selection of teas that Carslake Tea Co sent me to review a few weeks ago, so when they offered to send me over their Christmas range I jumped at the chance. The Christmas range offers a little festive flair for everyone, the collection includes a black tea, green tea, rooibos and a fruit infusion, all with a distinctively Christmassy flavour. I'm so happy to be able to try more teas from Carslake, I love everything that I have tried from them so far and I am so excited to see what they have to come in the future, I really think they are a brand to watch out for.CHRISTMAS ROOIBOSThis blend is new to Carslake for this year, its a rooibos base (obviously) with blackberry leaves, orange blossom, safflower petals and spices. On the first sip, I'm initially hit with a strong clove and cinnamon taste which mellows out to allow the sweet rooibos to come through, followed by a lightly spicy aftertaste which included a slight floral hint. When I close my eyes, this tea takes me straight to Christmas Eve evening - sitting with a blanket, the house full of candles and a cup of tea in hand.CHRISTMAS BLACK TEA  To me, this literally tastes like a Christmassy biscuit in tea form. The main taste that I get from this blend is black tea and clove which is made sweet and biscuity from the almonds and given a festive twist from the orange. This was probably my favourite tea from the whole Christmas range, I can see myself very quickly going through this whole bag.CHRISTMAS COOKIE TEA  I really love fruity festive, mulled wine-esque teas, and this is a perfect example of why I love them. Deep fruity notes followed by traditional spice, with a tangy hibiscus undertone. I loved drinking this tea hot, it would be even better with a cinnamon stick popped in it to amp up the spice. CHRISTMAS GREEN TEA I love an almondy green tea so I really enjoyed this blend. I love that this includes some spice from the clove and pepper which I think really adds to the festive aspect of the blend but still has a sweetness from the sugar and almonds. I don't get much flavour from the chocolate chips, but I don't necessarily think that's a bad thing as I think a strong chocolate taste could take away from the overall nutty, festive taste.Another huge thank you for Carslake Tea Co for sending me these teas to review, if you want to try any of these out yourself then check them out here. Thank you for reading! X