OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAExams are just crap, there in no two ways about it. They're stressful, draining and pretty much life consuming for the months that you're studying for them and actually doing them. I sat my last exam about 3 years ago, I had to retake my math GCSE when I was 20 as part of an apprenticeship I was doing, much to my disappointment as I thought when I sat my last GCSE exam that I would never have to do a single exam again. Oh how wrong I was!  Exams are just a shit part of life, but there are things that you can do to help them be slightly more bearable; be organised, find a revision method that suits you, and obviously, drink A LOT of tea! My faves over at Bluebird Tea have came out with a range of teas which are all tailored to help you through all the harrowing parts of exam season.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAll Nighter Lets start with my personal favourite of the trio. All Nighter is a mate and Sencha green tea blend with coffee beans and cocoa. Yes, you read that right, COFFEE BEANS! Just reading those words on the ingredients list terrified me as I'm not a fan of coffee whatsoever. When I brewed this up and was hit with the most amazing toasty, chocolatey smell I was a bit taken back. Even more to my surprise, the taste was even better than the smell. You can hardly taste the green tea and mate, it just gives it an underlying earthiness which I think stops the chocolate from being too sickly sweet. I'm pretty sensitive to caffeine so I was a bit cautious of the caffeine content, so tried my first cup at the start of a 10 hour shift. No shakes, no caffeine crash, no anxiety, it was amazing! I cannot recommend this blend enough, It would be a life saver for getting you through classes after an all night revision session.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERARelax I am writing this post at nearly 1am, I am in what I call "writing mode" - Once I get in writing mode it is very hard for me to snap out of it, its like I'm in the zone. I remember being just like this with my exam revision, half the time I would have 0 motivation to do any studying, but occasionally I would really get into it and would just carry on working until I was satisfied that it was completed, even if this meant being up till the early hours or working through my lunch breaks. At that point, I needed a cup of Relax. Relax is a fruity and herbal blend, I don't think I've ever come across a tea like this before. Its calming but still tastes fun and inovative like Bluebirds famous fruit infusions, this makes this tea really great for cold brewing. Perfect for rounding out a long day of work or for just chilling on a summers evening.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAHocus Focus This tea has got one hell of a kick! Just the smell alone is going to make you get moving quicker than the sudden realisation that you've slept through your alarm and need to be in class in 10 minuets. At first I was really not really convinced by this one, when I said this tea has a kick I well and truly meant it. You can smell it before you've even opened the bag! I found it to have a really weird sweet smell (I think its the sarsparilla as I've tried other teas with this in and not liked them smell) mixed with the punchy smells from the cinnamon and ginger. I was slightly put off trying the tea because of the smell alone, luckily I wasn't totally put off because it tastes AMAZING! An incredibly unique taste which I honestly can't describe, I'd say it leans on the sweeter side of things at first but you're left with a pretty fiery aftertaste, but you really need to try this one for yourself!I think this little collection was a great idea, exam season is horrible and its important to look after yourself during such a stressful time. Its easy to underestimate the power of just taking 5 minuets out to chill and have a cuppa, and Bluebird have found a way to make that exciting and tasty with these wonderful teas! You can use my follower code AMYLEETEABIRD41 to get 20% off your first order with Bluebird - this includes all 3 of the teas from this post!Thank you for reading, thank you Bluebird for making amazing teas and for sending me them to review and good luck to everyone who is taking exams! X