Mince pies and Bluebirds Christmas Cake tea are both two of my favourite things about Christmas, so there is nothing more perfect for me than a combination of the two, Christmas Cake infused mincemeat! This recipe is so incredibly simple and includes no added sugar and is totally vegan and alcohol-free, so it is good for everyone this Christmas time! Christmas Cake is limited edition for Christmas time so I strongly suggest you pick some up while it's on the website, but if you can't get hold of any in time, I think this would work really well with Gingerbread Chai & Mowgli's Fire Chai which can be bought all year round! Remember that you can use code AMYLEETEABIRD41 for 20% off your first Bluebird Tea Co order!2 diced apples320g of mixed dried fruit (raisins and sultanas work perfectly)20g of almonds40g hazelnuts70g of diced, dried apricotZest & juice of half an orangeZest of half a lemon2 Perfect Teaspoons of cinnamon 1 Perfect Teaspoons of mixed spice1 cup of brewed Christmas Cake tea (use 1 Perfect Teaspoon 1) Start off by having all of your fruit and nuts are prepped, cut up and measured & brew up one cup of Christmas Cake tea for 4 minutes. This is probably the hardest part of the recipe, the rest is literally just mixing things together!2) As I said, first things first, you gotta mix together the fruit and nut, make sure its mixed evenly3) Slowly add the tea to the mix, stir as you’re adding the tea, it will look quite liquidy at this point but the fruit will absorb the liquid as it infuses4) Squeeze the juice of half an orange, then the zest of half an orange and lemon - this is when stuff starts to smell AMAZING5) Lastly, add the cinnamon & mixed spices and mix thoroughly 6) Leave in the fridge overnight so that all the ingredients can infuse together, check a couple of time and if it looks too dry, add some more tea - you want it to be a nice gooey consistency (this will make your fridge smell insanely good)7) Use the mincemeat for whatever your festive heart desires! The mincemeat will last for over a week in the fridge, I have stored mine in an airtight jar!