OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI know it may be shocking, I've posted two Tea Tourist reviews in one week?! I'm managing to get caught up, roughly translated to; I've run out of Louis Theroux documentaries to watch (if anyone has any documentary recommendations please let me know). I have one more post in the pipeline so I am sorry for the sudden influx of Tea Tourist posts, I am going on holiday next weekend so I want to get all caught up before I go, and let's be honest, Tea Tourist are pretty amazing, so they deserve it! Julys box was one of my favourites so far, I loved the variety of flavours and the fact that there was only 1 tea out of 6 that I didn't like was quite good! If you fancy trying out Tea Tourists subscription boxes then you can use my code AMYLEE30 to get 30% off your first box of treats!OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASUMMER FRUITS - TEAGIMEI'm starting this box review with another gorgeous looking tea, I am such a sucker for cornflowers, they look so beautiful scattered through any blend. This is actually a really nice blend, the flavours are interesting but not overly complicated, you have a combination of fruits which I think work really well together yet I never really see them put together, like red currant, peach and blackberry. Though the fruity flavour is prominent, it doesn't mask the taste of the actual tea which is something that I really like, sometimes strong flavours can battle it out and it ends up being just too much, but Teagime has got it spot on with this one.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAGO NUTS - TEA TOTAL  I'm having a real rooibos moment right now, especially nutty or caramelly rooibos', so I knew this one would be a winner straight away. I've been on a diet for about a month or so now and I'm finding it very hard to fight my cravings for something sweet (being on a diet and watching Bake Off should be illegal) so I have really been enjoying having a cup of this when I need something sweet but I don't want to throw my calories away on a cake. I always find that a rooibos base works well with anything that is nutty or indulgent tasting, so I cannot think of a better match than rooibos, caramel and pecan.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERALAVENDER, CHOCOLATE & CINNAMON - LU LIN TEAS Lavender, chocolate and cinnamon are all things which I love (lavender and cinnamon are my favourite smells) but I wasn't too sure on how these would all taste together. The smell of the tea dry was a little odd, again, I wasn't sure if the flavours would actually work together but once I added water to the leaves, the smell really came out and my mind was totally changed. The first taste I get from this is smooth chocolate with a little kick of cinnamon, the lavender floats lightly over those two, it's very much in the background but it leaves a very calm aftertaste.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERALEMON KANDY - TEAKRUTHI As I said with the Summer Fruits blend, some teas have too strong of flavours that just don't work well together. Its kinda like when you were at school, there was always one person that you just couldn't get on with, a clash of personalities. This tea is a clash of tastes. The lemon and black don't sit well together in this blend, both flavours are so present that it's hard to differentiate what you're actually tasting.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAMASALA CHAI - SPICE KITCHEN You can't go wrong with a chai and me, I love them so so much. I like to put about a half hour aside so that I can brew one up in the traditional way, in a saucepan with some almond milk and a drop of honey. Though this chai didn't disappoint, I don't have a huge amount to say about it, it's perfectly automatic and authentic to what you would want a chai to taste like, just delicious!OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAGET UP & GO - SADDLEWORTH TEA CO  This tea is everything you could want from a breakfast tea, it's bold, it's beautiful, its punchy enough to kick-start your morning. I personally enjoyed this with a tiny splash of milk but I also tried it black and it's really lovely, I just preferred how the milk mellowed out the taste, it took it from a very strong black tea to something that reminded me more of the humble breakfast teas that I know and love. Thanks for reading X