Teapigs are literally my version of a little Christmas elf. This year, they have treated me to the most amazing box of festive goodies. They very kindly sent me over a selection of their new Christmas teas AND their incredible (and huge) advent calendar – I mentioned this in my Christmas gift guide so I won’t bore you with any more about it, however, if you want to see what I’m getting in the calendar follow me on insta @amyleecupoftea for daily story updates. Teapigs are one of my favourite tea brands because they have introduced snazzy and innovative tea blends to our supermarkets, I believe that they really changed the game for teas available in our supermarkets. Gone are the days of only having the option of PG Tips or watered down fruit infusions.

All of the teas that Teapigs sent me are caffeine free, some with a rooibos base and some with fruit and herbal infusions. This makes them all perfect for sipping throughout the day – and for keeping you warm on frosty evenings. They have a few other festive additions to their line up this year including Spearmint Candy (need) and Spiced Pear (also need). Here are my thoughts of the 4 they sent me:


The smell of this tea, my oh my. It’s like Christmas in a bag. When sipping this blend you’re greeted with the initial warming and punchy flavours of cinnamon and ginger. At the end of your sip you experience the sweeter side of the ingredients, like the liquorice, apple and pumpkin. This tea makes a really lovely latte if you make it with with frothy milk, but honestly I prefer it as is. I feel like when drinking this blend on its own you can taste each of the individual ingredients as apposed to merging all the flavours together.

Chocolate Orange 

I’m not the biggest chocolate orange fan in the world but the smell of this tea was enough to make me want to fight Terry for a chocolate orange. I have tried so many chocolate orange teas but I’ve never had one that is as strong and full of flavour as this one. It’s packed with chocolate flavour from the cocoa husk, cocoa beans and cocoa powder so it’s not short on chocolatey goodness to mix with the zesty orange. I’ve only tried this one black so far but I think it would make the most AMAZING latte, especially with Alpro Chocolate Soya milk. 

Vanilla Fudge

When I originally received all the teas in the mail, I automatically thought this one would be my favourite, but it actually ended up being the one that impressed me the least. Don’t get me wrong, its delicious and I will 100% drink the whole bag, but I just don’t feel like it has the ‘oomph’ that the others have. You can strongly taste the rooibos base but the overall flavour is very very sweet, however you can tell that there is more to it than a standard vanilla rooibos, as it has a little fruity spin on it. All round this blend is really nice but it doesn’t stack up quite as high as the others did for me.

Jelly & Ice Cream 

(a.k.a. the pièce de résistence) I’m writing with a cup of this in my hand. They have matched the taste of jelly and ice cream spot on – I’m getting some real nostalgic birthday party feels from this brew. The fruity element is quite tart but it’s mellowed by the sweetness of an endearingly creamy liquorice flavour. There’s a lot of apple and strawberry flavour coming through which creates a tantalisingly realistic traditional jelly taste. I’m quite surprised at how much I like this blend as I expected it to be a standard fruit blend, but it’s a really fun and flavour-packed blend. I also think it’d be amazing for an iced tea.

Thank you for reading and a huge thank you to the lovely Teapigs for sending me this amazing package!