When I wrote my blog post about my trip to Barcelona last year I mentioned that I had well and truly caught the travel bug, nearly a year on and I can say that that nothing much has changed, my list of places that I want to travel to is becoming longer than my arm and I am slowly ticking some off. I've been to Amsterdam before, me and my boyfriend went for a weekend in 2013 and though I had a great time, it was my first trip away without my family and I spent a large part of the trip stressing out about getting everything done that I wanted to do. So me and my bezzie pal Bex decided to plan a fairly last minuet trip for a long weekend in the Dam. 

We flew from London Luton airport which is only about a 45 minuet drive from where we live, from Luton its only a 45 minuet max flight to Amsterdam Schipol airport with Easy Jet, its also super affordable, our return flights cost us £55 each and that including the extra charge of choosing our seats. We opted to stay in an Air Bnb for the trip as it was the most cheep and cheerful option, we stayed in a lovely house about 30 minuets tram ride from the city, we rented out the whole bottom floor of the house, the owners of the house were upstairs and they were the most lovely people we could have wished to stay with, they also had two amazing cats (I'll show you them later, they may or may not have been the reason I chose to stay at this particular place). 

Amsterdam is an incredibly beautiful place, it is packed with beautiful buildings, culture and all the other fun things that Amsterdam is known for. We spent a large part of our trip just wandering around and exploring the city (and eating, obvs) but there was a couple of things that we'd planned to do while we were over there.

What we got up to 

The Avocado Show

My favourite part of going away is going on a massive hunt of food places that I want to try, I find a lot of these on Instagram, so naturally on my Instagram hunt for food in Amsterdam I came across a cafe that sells everything avocado, it is literally a millennials dream. The Avocado Show is a little bit out of the city centre but its really easy to get to on the tram. Their menu is everything an avo lover could want and more, from pancakes to poke bowls, they even serve avo ice cream, everything is made with sustainably grown, fresh avos. I went for the Tropicana Bowl and Bex had the Nachos, yum yum yum. 

(please don't judge how milky my tea is, I accidentally spilt too much milk in)

Mama Kelly

Another super Instagrammable food spot, Mama Kelly is a pretty pricey restaurant so we booked a table and thought we'd treat ourselves to one real slap up meal while we were away. The restaurant is stunning, everything is pink, the bar is in a carousel with Edison bulbs adoring the roof, it is truly beautiful. Unfortunately we got probably the worst table in the whole place, we were taken downstairs and given a table right next the door to what I'm assuming was the kitchen. Now, as I said, the food was a little on the pricey side but it wasn't extortionate, I had a lobster risotto which cost me about €25, it was 100% worth the price, it was one of the tastiest things I've ever eaten. The biggest issue I had with our trip to Mama Kelly was how rushed we felt, we had our mains in front of us after less than 10 minuets of sitting down, then our plates were cleared away from us about 5 minuets after our knives and forks were out down, normally speedy service is a good thing, but considering the price of the food here it would have been nice to not feel so rushed and to feel like we could take our time and enjoy our beautiful surroundings. 


I am absolutely obsessed with plants so going to the famous floating flower market was an obvious place that we needed to visit while in Dam. I was actually initially very very underwhelmed, the first few stalls we went to seemed to only sell souvenirs and seeds, but we eventually stumbled into a stall that could only be described as the place of my dreams. Plants, flowers, cacti, bonsai trees that were nearly as tall as me, this place was AMAZING. Next time I go to Amsterdam I'm going to buy loads of plants and post them back to my house.  

Van Wonderen Stroopwafels

I've had an insane craving for stroopwafels since Bake Off last year and unfortunately Starbucks' offering just didn't fill the stroop shaped void in my life. Thankfully, I bought 2 from Van Wonderen's and I have had all the stroopy goodness that I could ever has asked for. 


Can you tell that I plan my trips around places that I want to eat? Foodhallen is a little walk away from the city centre but it so worth the walk, there is no end of food stalls and bars to choose from. The place is super lively and when we went it was packed, they had a DJ playing and the place had a real buzz to it. 100% recommend to any foodie, but make sure you go on an empty stomach, I stupidly had some fries on the walk and could only stomach one thing from the Foodhallen before I felt like I was going to burst. 

Canal Tour with Blue Boat Company 

It feels like a right of passage that when you're in Amsterdam you have to see the city from the canals, its one of the best ways to see the city without having to wrestle through crowd of people. There was no real rhyme of reason as to why we chose this company but they were really great, the commentary was cringe but it was really informative, the route the boat took meant that we saw all the sites - it also went straight through the Red Light District which apparently not all canal tours do. We went on the tour in the early evening and it was really lovely and chilled to be able to just cruise along the waters while the sun set. 

I hope you enjoyed reading about my little adventure! I really enjoy doing these little write ups when I visit places, I hope you enjoy reading them! :D 

P.s meet Mimi and Noushka, our little friends for the weekend!